Health Tourism

ROMOY International Health Tourism offers the highest standards in medical treatments for any patients all around the world by combining the most effective treatment method with the lowest cost options.

Romoy is also a model health tourism assistant company approved by the Ministry of Health which has the most professional and highly experienced team and infrastructure.

There are more than 100 specially selected hospitals under the roof of Romoy International Health Tourism. This hospital network is carefully selected by the 10 years experienced health care team seeing from the patients’ perspective.

ROMOY selects the doctor and the hospital giving the best service by carrying out the patient’s all treatment processes. ROMOY does pre-interview with the doctor selected for the patient’s disease. . ROMOY informs the patient about the treatment special for him after the interview with the doctors. ROMOY guarantees the lowest price for the similar surgical operation and treatment in Turkey

As Romoy Team, we are well aware of the difficulties in obtaining medical service in another country, and in a foreign culture. By working with Romoy, You will feel always “at home” at every stage of your treatment. We will accompany you starting from the moment you enter the country up until you leave it.

The idea of going to Turkey for training startled me so much at first. After the arrangements, all together we came to Turkey. First, Romoy picked us up from the airport and made us check into a hotel. The next day, Romoy took us off to school. They provided us with an interpreter who can speak both Turkish and Arabic. Thus, we did not have any language problems either in the lessons or outside. Both the training program and the school were very good. If you want to go to Turkey for training, you can trust Romoy.

Asma Algaid
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