Romoy Training

The most important determinants of corporate success are the effective utilization and development of human resources. With its works in the field of education, Romoy offers unique solutions to institutions and handle corporate needs by project approach.

Our goal is to create the most suitable, fastest applicable, company-specific training by taking into account the cultural characteristics of the persons who will receive training service. Each training program is created company-specific and according to the demands of companies.

We have a variety of educational cooperation with Yıldız Technical University, Bahçeşehir University, Yeditepe University, which are Turkey's most distinguished universities. Our goal is to be a bridge between the academic world and the business world; to prepare training programs that provide applicable information and create behavioural change; to ensure individuals and institutions receive training in the context of modern training methodology.

The idea of going to Turkey for training startled me so much at first. After the arrangements, all together we came to Turkey. First, Romoy picked us up from the airport and made us check into a hotel. The next day, Romoy took us off to school. They provided us with an interpreter who can speak both Turkish and Arabic. Thus, we did not have any language problems either in the lessons or outside. Both the training program and the school were very good. If you want to go to Turkey for training, you can trust Romoy.

Asma Algaid
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