Would you like to be a member of Romoy A Plus⁺ family?

A Plus⁺ CARD is a completely free card and provides you the following advantages:

  • Advantages of special discounts from our network of negotiated hospitals and hotels
  • The opportunity of being treated at over 100 hospitals in Turkey
  • Choice of over 10,000 doctors of all branches
  • The opportunity of getting a free opinion related to your diseases
  • Your treatment will take place at the most affordable prices
  • 24/7 medical call center support
  • Free interpreter support
  • Free transfers between the hotel and the hospital *
  • Free transfer from the airport to the hospital *
  • Free transfer from the hospital to the airport *
  • Sending you private doctors and nurses to any desired location in the world **
  • The opportunity of getting stress-free medical treatment with the assurance of ROMOY which is Turkey's largest health care provider.
  • These advantages are only for our members who get service from ROMOY and its hospital network.

** You can get detailed information from the phone numbers on A Plus⁺ Card.

You can contact us 24/7 from the numbers on the back of the card.

We wish you healthy days…

Romoy Team

The idea of going to Turkey for training startled me so much at first. After the arrangements, all together we came to Turkey. First, Romoy picked us up from the airport and made us check into a hotel. The next day, Romoy took us off to school. They provided us with an interpreter who can speak both Turkish and Arabic. Thus, we did not have any language problems either in the lessons or outside. Both the training program and the school were very good. If you want to go to Turkey for training, you can trust Romoy.

Asma Algaid
    Romoy Health has further expanded its patient network all around the world with Aplus⁺ Card. Aplus⁺ Card has been delivered to over 15,000 people in Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Norway, the Balkan...
  • Romoy Bariatric Surgeon, met with patients in Azerbaijan!
    Turkey's largest medical tourism company Romoy’s contracted physician, expert in the field of Bariatric Surgery Op. Dr. YAHYA ÖZEL, participated a tv program on health “Sizin Səhhət” at Lider TV in...