Serhat Akdağ

Chairman of the Board / Romoy Group

He completed his higher education at Department of Electronics Engineering of Istanbul University. After taking charge of different tasks in AKDAĞ Group of Companies, he served in various senior positions such as General Manager, also Director of Medical Services and Information Management at MedicalPark Hospitals Group. Serhat AKDAĞ, has still been serving as Chairman of the Board at ROMOY Health Tourism and Consultancy.

Mehmet Özyapıcı

CEO / Romoy Health Tourism

He completed his higher education at Department of Biology of Abant İzzet Baysal University. Mehmet ÖZYAPICI, who served in various senior positions, particularly Purchasing Group Manager at MedicalPark Hospitals Group, has still been serving as CEO at ROMOY Health Tourism.

Esra Demir

CEO/ Romoy Consultancy & Training

She completed her higher education at Department of Industrial Engineering of Istanbul Technical University. Esra DEMİR, previously served as Process and Performance Director, Internal Audit Director, Hospital Deputy General Manager at MedicalPark Hospitals Group. DEMİR, who also served in various senior positions in Praktiker DIY store and in Şişecam, joined Romoy Group in 2013 and has still been serving as CEO at ROMOY Consultancy & Training.

Mustafa Akçay

COO (Chief Operating Officer) / Romoy Health Tourism

He completed his university education at Department of Molecular Biology of Istanbul University and got his master's degree at Department of Strategic Marketing and Brand Management of Bahcesehir University.

He served in various senior positions in the department of marketing and coordination of international patients in Acibadem Healthcare Group, and later on he served as International Group Marketing and Communications Manager at Medicalpark Health Group. Subsequently, he was the co-founder of Allfina Assistance Healthcare Company and currently AKÇAY has still been serving as COO at ROMOY Health Tourism.

The idea of going to Turkey for training startled me so much at first. After the arrangements, all together we came to Turkey. First, Romoy picked us up from the airport and made us check into a hotel. The next day, Romoy took us off to school. They provided us with an interpreter who can speak both Turkish and Arabic. Thus, we did not have any language problems either in the lessons or outside. Both the training program and the school were very good. If you want to go to Turkey for training, you can trust Romoy.

Asma Algaid
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