Romoy’s Investment Consultancy Services

Especially in recent years, Turkey has become a profitable market for investors with developments in the economy. Health sector attracts big investors with its a strong hospitals.

  • Turkey's evaluation of the socio-economic situation and the general economic indicators
  • Evaluation of the health sector in Turkey ' data
  • Evaluation of the impact of legal regulations in the sector
  1. Hospital Buying Consultancy
    • Analysis of the hospital’s  positions in the sector
    • Analysis of the hospital's financial and fiscal performance
      • EBİTTA rates
      • Financial productivity rates in each branch
      • Expense analysis
      • Doctor payment system analysis
      • Cash flow performance measurement
    • Operational Performance Measurement
      • Evaluation of the performance of all hospital processes (process of surgery, patient appointment process etc.) 
      • Analysis of patient satisfaction rates
      • Analysis of  and CRM applications
      • Analysis of HR performance (Staff turnover, employee satisfaction, etc.)
      • Analysis of brand promotion efforts
      • Analysis of the hospital's activities for increase income (medical tourism, etc.)
    • Medical Performance It is the measurement of the operational performance of the hospital
      • Evaluation of medical outputs (Complications, infection and ex rates etc
    • Analysis of IT infrastructure and the software used
  2. New Hospital Installation Consultancy
    • Investment Planning
      • Determination of the location of the hospital
      • Determination of the medical units will be in the hospital
      • Drawing construction projects in accordance with the legal regulations
      • Selection of building company and construction application consulting (Electricity, mechanics and medical gas applications included)
      • The selection and application of interior design firm consultancy
      • Supporting biomedical device supply (new or 2nd hand )
    • Pre-approval and registration process
    • Hospital Management Consultancy
      • Designing doctor payment system analysis
      • Supporting physician recruitment
      • Planning staff recruitment and the creation of organizational charts
      • Establishment of IT infrastructure
      • Design management and measurement of all business processes
      • Establishment of Purchasing system
      • Pricing strategies improvement

Dear Esra, I would like to thank you and your company, especially Mr. Mohamed Mulla for all of your efforts and services. I have got benefit from this program and I am very satisfied. We will have another future cooperation. My best regards,

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