Romoy’s Hospital Management Consultancy Services

In the changing social order while consumers of health services demand a safer, effective and mobile health services, health care providers encounter problems such as increased costs, reduced profit margins and limited trained human resources.

As Romoy, focused on the health sector, we assist private and public hospitals in resolving complex issues in the health sector with our experienced staff and we offer customized services according to their needs that will make a difference.

Main counselling areas are as follows:

  1. Budget Management
    • Short and long-term revenue planning
    • Integration of cost management and permanent methods
      • Management of physician progress payments period
    • Cost analysis under the terms of the market
      • Purchasing efficiency analysis
      • Inventory Management
      • Management of pharmacy and equivalent drug
      • Operation cost analysis for each branch
    • Staff productivity and cost analysis
    • Management of other expense items
  2. Process and Performance Management
    • Financial and Financial Performance Management
      • Measurement and management of cash flow performance
      • Invoicing performance measurement and management
      • Re-organization of the structure of financial jobs in a controlled manner at any time
    • Medical Performance Management
      • Medical process efficiency measurement and increase
      • Physician performance measurement and management
      • Planning of nursing and patient care processes
    • Operational Performance Management
      • Design, management and measurement of all business processes using methods such as six sigma, total quality management (TQM) and process simulation.
      • Patient service processes management
      • Call Centre installation, management, and performance measurement
      • CRM applications, and patient satisfaction
      • HR processes management
        • Creation of the organizational chart
        • Creation of the permanent staff with workload analysis
        • Establishment of effective recruitment system
        • Ensuring control over turnover
        • Establishment of career planning system
      • Marketing and sales process management
        • Determination of customer and market strategy
        • Foreign patients processes
        • Sales process management
        • Brand promotion activities management
        • Pricing strategies improvement
    • Development and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard practices for effective performance management
    • Quality Management Consultancy
  3. Hospital Regulatory Affairs
    • Advising on legislation about hospital purchase / installation process
    • Pre-approval and registration process, and the management of the hospital
  4. Construction Project Consultancy
    • Drawing construction projects in accordance with the legal regulations
    • Selection of building company and construction application consulting (Electricity, mechanics and medical gas applications included)
  5. Biomedical Consultation Processes
    • Supporting biomedical device supply (new or 2nd hand )
  6. Determination of internal audit methods and establishment of internal audit systems

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Nour Elmasri
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