Romoy is an international company headquartered in Istanbul, founded by healthcare professionals with more than 20 years of hospital management experience.

Romoy, whose main purpose of establishment is medical tourism, continued to grow by starting its activities in the fields of assistance and consultancy in 2013, the year it was founded.

Our History

Romoy’s story began in 2013. Romoy was founded with the encouragement of a team working together in different fields of the health sector for many years.

In the beginning we had nothing; beyond our knowledge in the field of health management. We had neither an office, nor a company, nor a name. Cafes are the best workplaces for people who don’t have an office. We started working in a coffee shop in Fulya. It went on like this for 3 months.

First, the name of our company was formed. And then our logo, which expresses trust and love.

We still remember our excitement when we held our first office. It was a tiny office in Okmeydanı. But it was a wonderful place for us. It was there that we made all our important decisions and the steps that made us the Romoy of today.

Our first field of study was health tourism; however, we started to work in the field of consultancy in a short time as a result of intense demands. Today, we are a group company serving in 4 main areas.

We are now continuing the health management that we have been doing in hospitals with great pleasure for many years, this time under our own roof, with the same joy, a little more peacefully, adding our own interpretations, but always with the effort to be perfect.

Since our establishment, we have become an experienced company by approaching all the needs of the companies and patients we serve as a whole and with care. We wanted our customer to be satisfied. We became friends with our customers, and it was nice…

Serhat AKDAĞ

Chairman of the Board


General Manager

Mustafa AKÇAY


Our Activity Areas

Our Values

To Our Colleagues

  • Our Management Philosophy is based on respect for people
  • Business ethics come before making money for us
  • We evaluate the right people in the right positions
  • We work really hard

To Our Valued Guests

  • Long term business…

To Our Partners

  • Mutual trust and…

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