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Medical Assistant, Case Management, International TPA, Cost management etc. We are with you with our Romoy Corporate Assistant solutions in areas.

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Medical Assistant

ROMOY is the company with the widest network in Turkey, providing medical assistance services to international insurance companies.

Case Management

As ROMOY, we offer our patients a 100% reliable service in terms of quality standards, cost-effectiveness, post-treatment follow-up and travel processes.

International TPA

As ROMOY Medical Assistant International TPA, we serve corporate companies, insurance companies, official institutions, tourists, expatriates and individual patients.

Cost Management

With our medical cost management studies, we aim to significantly reduce the treatment costs of our patients and therefore the insurance companies and institutions they are affiliated with.

Tele Health

ROMOY Telehealth system; It is a remote access system that includes information transfer forms such as voice, image, speech, communication technology such as telephone line, satellite connection, digital wireless connection, and user tools such as computers and mobile phones.

Emergency aid

With our Emergency Assistance program, our customers will have access to our Emergency services should they encounter any emergency during their travels.

Some of Our Hospitals and Clinics

You can have detailed information by browsing our hospitals and clinics within Romoy.






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Why Should You Work With Romoy?

Expert staff in the field in our contracted hospitals,
Romoy is at your side with its experience, high standards of service
quality and many more details.
  • You will have easy access to more than 130 contracted hospitals and more than 1,000 doctors with us.
  • You can access health services at special discounted prices.
  • Fast and efficient provisioning processes for medical planning of patient files
  • You benefit from our 24/7 uninterrupted service with a medical assistant who speaks the same language as you.
  • You benefit from our free services
  • Free airport, hotel and hospital transfers
  • Emergency Aid and Ambulance transfer
  • Travel and Accommodation organization

You can contact us about Romoy, about our corporate services and more and get feedback as soon as possible.

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