Case Management

Case Management

As ROMOY, we offer our patients a 100% reliable service in terms of quality standards, cost-effectiveness, post-treatment follow-up and travel processes. We conduct the necessary research and organization to ensure that the insured customer receives any medical service in a different country that he cannot receive in his own country.

We manage all the details of case and file processes:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Managing legal processes
  • Organizing doctor’s appointments
  • Hospital outpatient and inpatient management
  • Instant tracking of the case
  • Management of the pre-provision process
  • Management of the recovery process of patients
  • Private medical device rental in case of need
  • 24/7 Medical consultant service
  • Complex case management
  • Transportation and transfer support
  • Land and air ambulance service
  • Discharge and repatriation

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