Cost Management

Cost Management

With our medical cost management studies, we aim to significantly reduce the treatment costs of our patients and therefore the insurance companies and institutions they are affiliated with. While reducing costs, we ensure that the quality of medical service is not compromised.

It checks patient files and medical expense statements line by line in order to avoid high billing amounts; Then we evaluate it by cross-checking.

  • Pricing based on special discounted flat rates
  • Price standardization
  • Invoicing in accordance with the agreement
  • Special discounted prices for Romoy in our wide hospital network
  • Easy access to our network of hospitals, clinics and doctors
  • Continuous monitoring of the work of hospitals and clinics by our medical teams
  • Requesting case-specific discounts from hospitals and providing full control in the billing process
  • Ensuring price optimization by using automatic and manual cost calculation techniques

We provide quality assistance services at the lowest costs through operational analysis and audit practices. In addition, we provide effective resolution of cases with our wide international hospital network, while offering alternative price options to insurance companies and other institutions.

Our medical experts offer their own views on the treatment administered or planned to avoid high costs and protect our clients from financial harm.

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