Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

ROMOY is the company with the widest network in Turkey, providing medical assistance services to international insurance companies.

Wide Hospital Network

We assist our insured patients and their companions in finding the right health center or physician to meet their medical needs. This saves patients time in a foreign country.

Transportation Organization

We organize all transportation and hospital appointments for our patients before they travel to our country.

Airport Welcome and Transfer

According to the medical conditions of our patients and their policy coverage, all transfers for the patient and his/her companion are carried out by our team. If necessary, we also have land or air ambulance service.

Medical treatment

Our Romoy medical assistant manages the approval processes by following step by step the correctness and necessity of the diagnosis made to our patients, as well as the treatments offered to them.

Return to Country After Treatment

After the treatment of our patients is completed and they can be discharged, we organize the necessary transfer and transportation services for them to return to their countries.

Post-Treatment Medical Follow-up

At the end of the treatment, our Romoy medical assistant monitors the patient’s medical condition at certain intervals after she returns to her country and stays in constant communication.

Interpreting and Translation

We provide interpreting and translation services to each of our patients with our private medical assistant who speaks their own language.

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