International TPA

International TPA

As ROMOY Medical Assistant International TPA, we serve corporate companies, insurance companies, official institutions, tourists, expatriates and individual patients.

Our team can manage all or part of your demand processes and operations, enabling you to reduce overhead and operational costs.

With more consistent, more efficient and more accurate results, we improve the quality of service our patients receive and enable them to achieve measurable gains in their satisfaction.

We provide our customers with maximum financial savings and high quality assistance with our wide range of services:

  • My Medical Assistant
  • Refund system
  • Direct billing services
  • Assistance for expats
  • Medical legal aid services

Our company’s emergency call center works 24/7 to respond to urgent questions and incoming requests as soon as possible.

All medical cases are immediately forwarded to our medical team and carefully evaluated by our doctors.

All medical information is reviewed by our medical staff to assess whether the costs are at a flat rate and to comment on the ongoing treatment process.

If pricing is incorrect during the treatment process, our medical team contacts the healthcare provider for re-pricing.

By establishing strong and effective relationships with hospitals and clinics, we provide maximum financial savings and high quality medical care to our patients and insurance companies.

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